Brian Christopher Novels
You create a world and it takes on a life of its own - that's how it works.


"The Amsterdam Chronicles" DEF-CON CITY Part 1
New York detective Harvey Wall is sent on an exchange program to Amsterdam to work with the Dutch police. But what was meant to be a holiday turns out to be the worst nightmare he could imagine.He thought he had seen it all in New York city, but never had he seen anything like this. Read More

Mick's Second Last Great Rock 'n' Roll Adventure
An aging rocker ends up on the streets - years later - old and near death he is rediscovered in a hospital. Now they want to put him in an old foks home - definitly not the way Mick was planning his retirement! Read More

The Puzzlemaker

After retirement from MI6 as a cryptography expert during the cold war, George becomes editor and compiler of the Sunday Times crossword. When an old MI6 colleague asks him to place a code within a crossword puzzle it results in a number of gruesome deaths. A father of one of the victims discovers the puzzle maker had something to do with his son's death, and goes on the hunt. Now he has to solve his own puzzle to save his life.
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