"Mick's Second Last Rock 'n' Roll Adventure"

Once a member of the most famous rock band in the world, Mick had a beautiful wife, houses on every continent, girlfriends in every house, and various business interests. But due to his own recklessness, ego and alcohol, he loses everything.

Letting his arrogance get the better of him he declares himself to be so famous he could live on the streets. To much fanfare and media coverage he takes to the streets of New York to live as the most famous hobo in the world.

Many years later and long forgotten, he still roams the streets, totally unrecognizable with long matted hair, ragged clothes, and near death. When he and a fellow hobo, also a former musician are hospitalized, he is re-discovered by the media.

To help him and others like him, a music entrepreneur organizes a benefit concert to create a retirement home for ageing rock musicians so they may quietly live out their last years in a beautiful country mansion.

However, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll does not seem to have an age barrier, and feeling rejuvenated in their new home, mayhem ensues!

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