Rembrandt is famous for his paintings but not many people know about his personal life. After his wife Saskia had died, his life became embroiled in relationships that would shock the world even today. This short story is about the other side of Rembrandt, that is documented, but few people know of. He was a great artist, but at the same time - a great criminal.

On June 18 On June 18, 2003 Hans Benting received a call from Dr Giorgio Bola explaining an ancient manuscript written in medieval Dutch had been found in a small forgotten library in Rome, not more than a kilometre from the Vatican. The library was thought to be a private collection with only forty-three books, all in Latin, except for this. How it came to be there no one knew. Since all the other books turned out to be non-descript translations of known Bibles they expected this to be the same. Unfortunately no one in Rome could translate it, hence they called Hans Benting. To his surprise the book was not an ancient bible - but something more incredible.

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